NEM Membership Overview

As a member of NEM, you gain access to a number of services and materials, such as:

  • 1 Company voting membership – 4 Company members registration
  • Workstream Initiative participation & usage in Company
  • Workshop Initiatives – NEM experts in member companies/workshops
  • Member Company acces to Modularization ”Guru´s” : Advisory Board Members
  • NEM stakeholder easy access and agility – yearly company meetings
  • Voting rights for Board etc.
  • Bi-annual NEM meeting
  • NEM info access
  • Access to a comprehensive list of articles on modularization
  • Free access NEM conferences and events
  • Start-up support for modularization in your company

Registered Member

  • Newsletter
  • Access to Articles S1
  • Open Webinars

Business Member

  • Bi-Annual Conference
  • NEM Overview by WS
  • Mono Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Access to Articles S2
  • Open Webinars

Executive Member

  • Voting Rights to Board
  • Yearly Company Meetings
  • Access to Asset Base
  • Spec Partner Programs
  • Participate in WS
  • Exclusive NEM Reports
  • Project Initiatives by NEM
  • Bi-Annual Conference
  • NEM Reports from WS
  • Pentium Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Access to Articles S3
  • Open Webinars

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