Modularization is an innovative and sustainable strategy to transform the industry to face future challenges, and an attractive route to explore for the North European industrial and manufacturing sector, as the rapid technological evolution challenges the traditional industrial bedrock of the North European countries.

The North European Modularization Network (NEM) was established in 2015 between a group of companies, to discuss and share experiences on modularization. Since then, the group has grown from being a discussion forum, to an organized network of dedicated members working actively to increasing knowledge about modularisation to strengthen competitiveness by;

  • Sharing cases and experience about how successful modularization can create new efficient business models
  • Sharing cases and experience on specific modularization programs, processes, projects and tools

The network companies together have more than 1000 man-years of modularization experience to support member companies on their growth journey through modularization. Collaboration with external partners will further increase awareness of modularization.

To further build the network vision, activities are ongoing to establish a center for modularization to serve as a platform for developing and supporting companies within North Europe in adopting a modular strategy. The center will ensure that a North European approach to modularization can evolve, be supported and take speed. The center will be the focal point in the transformation of the industry and will work to

  • Develop and give access to a North European approach to modularization – methodology and tools
  • Create communities where companies can learn and share experiences from other companies.
  • Increase access to training
  • Help securing North European companies access to candidates from academia
  • Spur the development of access to strong consultancies

To realize the vision of a center for modularization a project was initiated in 2019 funded by IndustriensFond. The project will initially analyse and identify industry needs, thus clarifying which services should be the focal point of the centre’s activities. The concrete barrier to the development of modularised production must be identified in order to create a comprehensive road map and master plan for the establishment of a centre, and an expanded network of actors and stakeholders in Denmark and then the rest of the Nordic region.

The Danish Trade Council (TC) in Sweden and Danish Industry (DI) support the network during the journey towards establishing a formal form. The organisations provide support and strategic advice in lieu of an operational and administrative function within the network. TC and DI provide support for project applications and administration for funding programs.