The NEM board decided in 2019 to accelerate NEM activities for the benefits of the NEM members and as a consequence established the NEM Centre in 2020.


Several European countries are currently experiencing massive advantages of modularized systems, which are able to respond to fluctuating market needs. By exploiting the opportunities inherent in building a portfolio of a small core of base products, which can be modularized based on the precise needs of the customer, the CAPEX, development time and time-to-market is reduced.


Initially the project will analyze and identify the needs of the industry and thereby clarify which services should be the focal point for the centre. The concrete barrier of developing modularized systems for the industry should be identified with the intent of creating a complete roadmap and masterplan for the establishment of a centre, and the development of a network of actors and stakeholders in Denmark and the rest of Northern Europe.
The project is based on the experiences made in the NEM Network (North European Modularization), and several of the companies in the NEM  Network plays a key role in the project alongside DI (Dansk Industri).
The target group encompasses the entirety of the Danish industry with a focus on their varying needs and on promoting the collaboration between SME and larger companies.
The project is executed by Dansk Industry in a consortium with the NEM Network.


If the analyses and identification of needs of the industry should give rise to the establishment of a center for modularization, it is the intention to prepare Danish companies for a more effective way of reconfiguring their production to meet the needs of customers, so that a growing number of companies will reap the rewards by introducing new products more quickly.